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Extra Rewards: Calling all agents, brokers, association executives and trainers.

Few things are as valuable as learning from your peers’ successes or missteps. If you have a short story to share about a business success or failure, what tool you’re loving and why, or what’s working or not working - even horror stories, then we want to hear from you!

A submission is just a few simple paragraphs, and we will send you back a 20% off discount code on any course and 1,000 rewards points as our thank you! Email us at Or if you prefer to be interviewed instead, please book here and we will do this by 15-minute Zoom! If you are willing to be recorded, we will double your points to 2,000 and give you two 20% off discount codes instead. And please know we are all very grateful for your help to build this community and support your Hive! Please email us at or book your video interview here.

Content Partnerships

We are working with a small group of content partners that wish to joint venture on bringing highly effective business performance training to real estate agents and brokers. We are looking for either still practising agents or brokers, or content providers and subject matter experts, focused on highly relevant topics.

Email us at

Solution Provider Partnerships

We are working with a select group of vendors/solution provider partners that wish to help agents and brokers excel.

  1. Become a rewards partner:
    • Help reward, motivate and deliver completion strategies by becoming a rewards program partner. Simply provide perks or promos that we can offer to those achieving certain rewards level – 100% FREE!
  2. Become an education partner:
    • Together we can illustrate practical solutions with the benefits of real-life solutions like yours. We will build microlearning and best practice modules about your solutions to insert into our course delivery and community. Small investment, please inquire.
    • Subsidize learning and accelerate agents even more quickly! You can fully or partially fund learning for our audience or cherry pick your own audience. Discounted course fees, please inquire.

Email us at