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Online Course

Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) Course

Real Estate Business Institute (REBI)
Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) Course

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This course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their game! You will examine all types of negotiation formats and methods -- including virtual -- so that you can play the game to win! A full spectrum of tips, tools, and techniques are provided so that can produce effective results for your client.

Topics covered:
  • Process phases of a negotiation  
  • Developing a negotiating plan 
  • Understanding the influence of personality styles in the negotiating process 
  • Understanding conflict behavior types  
  • Establishing a strong bargaining position 
  • Venues for negotiation – text, email, phone, virtual
  • How gender and culture can impact a negotiation
  • Negotiating tips and strategies
  • Understanding and application of the Code of Ethics

Course Modules

This course is presented in the following modules:
  • Introduction: The Power Negotiator's Playbook  
  • Module 1: Buying & Selling a Product 
  • Module 2: Process Phases of a Negotiation  
  • Module 3: What's the Goal?  
  • Module 4: Types of Negotiators  
  • Module 5: Negotiating by Style  
  • Module 6: Conflict Behavior Types  
  • Module 7: Establishing a Strong Bargaining Position
  • Module 8: Negotiating Strategies  
  • Module 9: How to Break a Tie
  • Module 10: Venues for Negotiation
  • Module 11: Sounds and Non-Verbal Communication 
  • Module 12: Gender and Culture  
  • Module 13: Tips for Negotiators  
  • Module 14: Putting the Tactics and Techniques Into Action  

RENE CREDIT: An 80% score on the course exam is required for credit towards the RENE Certification.

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