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Live Virtual Bootcamp

The AI Edge: Dominate Your Real Estate Market Bootcamp

Duration: 1.50 Hours


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The AI Edge: Dominate Your Real Estate Market Bootcamp
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Worried AI will replace agents? (Hint: AI won’t replace agents, but AI Agents will)
Do you know how to turbocharge your business with AI for lead gen, sales, marketing and business management?
Does the buzz on all things AI have you confused, worried, overwhelmed, excited?
Wondering why you need to know this now?

Transform Your Business with AI!
Become an AI Real Estate Specialist. Unlock the power of AI to supercharge your real estate business. Whether it's marketing, sales, or lead generation, our bootcamp equips you with practical tools and strategies designed for all real estate agents, teams, assistants, and brokers.

Key Features:
Easy-to-understand, non-techie sessions.
Live virtual bi-weekly sessions with expert Q&A.
Special guest expert speakers each session and resources to implement right away.
Optional AI Real Estate Specialist certificate and badge at no additional cost.
3% of your investment supports real hives and bees through our Hiveologie social mission.

Our Zero Risk Promise:
Value-packed, simple sessions at a low monthly fee, with zero commitment. You can cancel anytime.
Many bonuses and resources to ensure you get maximum ROI.

Tactical Topics:
This program uses simple AI to enhance marketing, sales, lead generation, and business management, accelerating your business while saving time and money. The topics we are covering across multiple sessions include:
  • Deciphering AI: Dive into the basics of AI for real estate pros. Unravel its potential and significance.
  • Unveiling ChatGPT: Understand the magic behind ChatGPT and its implications for the real estate sector.
  • Strategizing with AI: Craft a unique AI-powered marketing strategy aligning with your brand and goals.
  • AI Lead Mastery: Techniques to turbocharge your lead generation processes using AI tools.
  • Message Crafting: Learn how AI can help tailor compelling, attention-grabbing marketing messages.
  • AI Email Wonders: Design and implement AI-driven email campaigns tailored for your real estate market.
  • AI & Design: Utilize platforms like Canva in tandem with AI to craft stunning visuals.
  • Social Media Leverage: Use AI with your social media design, copy and increase reach and engagement.
  • Property Presentations: Elevate your property presentations and listings using AI.
  • Referral Building: Harness AI tools to cultivate a powerful referral network.
  • Tech-Savvy Open Houses: Introduce AI-powered staging, virtual tours, and interactive experiences.
  • CRM Revolution: Adopt AI-enhanced Customer Relationship Management systems for improved client relations.
  • Automate sales, marketing, and lead generation with AI tools and tactics.
  • This series continues indefinitely as we commit to offer new topics, tactics, tools, coaching and support as this AI world continues to evolve.
  • Our core program plus any 6 additional sessions earns you the AI Specialist Certification
IMPORTANT: This series focuses on why AI matters and how to implement it, but it will be in layman’s language. You DO NOT need to know:
  1. Technical knowledge and jargon
  2. How to write or read code
  3. Complicated undecipherable tools or concepts
Why is this an ongoing subscription?

The AI Edge Bootcamp is structured as an ongoing twice-monthly subscription because of the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology, especially in the realm of real estate. The world of AI is not static; tools and applications are constantly advancing and changing, often in ways that can significantly impact how real estate agents operate. From marketing and lead generation to customer relationship management and market analytics, AI touches numerous aspects of a real estate agent's profession. In 2024, mastering AI is arguably one of the most crucial skills an agent can acquire. By investing just 90 minutes twice a month in this subscription series, agents ensure they remain at the forefront of this technological revolution, continuously updating their skills and knowledge to stay competitive and efficient in an increasingly AI-integrated market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the edge before everyone else does!


We do not offer refunds for subscription plans. However, if you wish to prevent any further billing, you can easily cancel your subscription by going to your dashboard and clicking the "Cancel" button. Please note that you will continue to have access to all your previous sessions and resources for one year however you will no longer be able to access new sessions or resources. The information contained in this refund policy supersedes any verbal or other written information that anyone may receive regarding this policy.

*Codes and credits may not be combined
and in total may be used to a max value of 25% off course listed price unless otherwise specified