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Live Virtual Workshop

Cracking the Compensation Code by Communicating Your Value Proposition

Amy Chorew, Kate Lanagan MacGregor
Duration: 1.50 Hours


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Cracking the Compensation Code by Communicating Your Value Proposition
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Are you struggling to articulate your value to clients? Do you find it challenging to justify your commission? Want to stand out in the competitive real estate market? Want to be sure that regardless of what happens with future industry changes you will be prepared and secure?

Unlock the secret to success with our exclusive workshop - Cracking the Compensation Code by Communicating Your Value Proposition.

Our expert-led workshop is specifically designed for buyer's agents like YOU! Learn to effectively communicate your worth and secure your fees with confidence. Our checklist of buyer services is the basis of crafting your story. You will be able to communicate with consumers the value you bring to them as a real estate professional. And you will learn how to BECOME THE ONE THEY CALL!

What You Will Gain:
In-depth understanding of crafting compelling value propositions
Proven strategies to convey your unique services to clients
Tools to boost your credibility and client trust
Learn how to master your value proposition as a buyer's agent
Experience a surge in client trust, improved relationships, and a robust bottom line.
Enroll now and redefine your value in the real estate market!

Understanding how to communicate your value to your sphere of influence, your prospects and to your new clients will:
  • Help them understand your strategic differentiator
  • Get you business, and grow you business
  • Keep you focused and help you avoid the noise
  • Give you a strong foundation in any market to sustain and elevate your business

Your workshop leaders are two of the best in industry. We are delighted to offer this program from popular industry veterans Amy Chorew and Kate Lanagan MacGregor. Both Kate and Amy are active REALTORS® and in-demand coaches, trainers, keynote speakers and consultants.

Stay Tuned: We are soon also launching with Kate and Amy the “Ultimate Buyer-Seller Mastery in-depth on-demand Course: How to Craft and Communicate Your Value Proposition” (also with help from the Real Estate Broker Institute REBI) and coming soon as well the definitive Agent Evolution training program to break down all steps needed in a fun and functional manner to create a ‘Bomb Proof’ strategy for success. New or existing agents needed a refresh or refocus who invest their time in these programs will be able to get up to speed more quickly to get to closing more real estate transactions even in this new and evolving market.

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