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Steve Bintz

Steve Bintz

We are delighted to welcome Steve Bintz to our team of Hiveologists and as an expert on our WEB3 education team. Steve has been a REALTOR® since 2013, led immoviewer through the 2017 NAR REACH program and currently holds broker-level licensure in 50 states. As co-founder of EveryState, he's involved in pioneering a new nationwide brokerage model to provide licensing and transactional solutions to institutional investors and companies looking to vertically integrate a brokerage arm. Steve also owns and operates a residential brokerage in NY. After exploring the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and real estate since 2016, he has been taking a deeper dive since 2020. By serving as a founding member of the Crypto Real Estate Alliance, Steve has evangelized the latest WEB3 news and innovations across the country both virtually and as an in-person speaker by approaching the topics from a real estate practitioner’s lens. Over the last several years, Steve has also advised proptech companies worldwide on growth, strategy, industry relations, data, licensing and compliance.