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Maureen Kiely, Sabine Steinbrecher

Maureen Kiely and
Sabine Steinbrecher

Maureen Kiely

With a zest for innovation and a passion for revolutionizing the real estate space, Maureen Kiely, CEO of RealCheeky stands at the forefront of AI technology with the upcoming launch of AI Agent Sidekick. Boasting over 15 years in real estate space and an impressive 13 years immersed in the tech world, Maureen's expertise is unparalleled. Her academic foundation is rooted in a Bachelor of Science in Business, with a specialized focus on business analysis.
Under her visionary leadership, Maureen and her dynamic team are on a mission: to develop a comprehensive AI platform that empowers realtors to streamline their operations. But Maureen isn't all work and no play! Residing in the sunny Tampa Bay area alongside her supportive husband, John, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's lacing up her running shoes, whipping up a culinary masterpiece, jet-setting on a new adventure, or diving deep into the world of AI, Maureen embraces every moment with enthusiasm.

Sabine Steinbrecher

Sabine Steinbrecher is a pioneer in the e-learning industry. With a distinguished career spanning 25 years in education design, marketing, and analytics, she stands as the visionary force behind Learning Library Inc (LLI), a leading real estate-focused ed-tech company established in 1998. Her latest innovation, Hiveologie Accelerated Learning, is nothing short of groundbreaking. This innovative 'Superhive' blends learning design, exceptional learning experts, community, rewards, and analytics to accelerate results for real estate professionals everywhere. She is focused on educational resources to hone skills or build new or multiple income streams for real estate pros. In 2023 Hiveologie launched their new, groundbreaking Agent Accelerator™ engine to turbo-boost an agent's speed to success using real-time, peer-sourced data and our proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and AI. Sabine has been honored to be recognized for these new initiatives as a Newsmaker by RISMedia two years running. Plus, 3% of all course sales, and 100% of the profits from their new honey-themed closing gifts, contribute to vital initiatives supporting real hives and honeybees. Sign up for VIP access and special rewards at Don't miss the buzz! 🐝


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