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Kathleen Metcalf

Kathleen Metcalf

Kathleen Metcalf is the CEO, Founder and the heart and soul of the Kammbium team. Kathleen began her career in real estate in 2002 as an assistant for a top-producing agent in San Francisco, CA, where she also sold real estate as a licensed agent. Since then, she has founded multiple thriving businesses and has coached countless talented agents, admin, and real estate teams across the country. Kammbium has just one goal in mind: to coach real estate agents and admins to help them be the best they can be. Kathleen has spent the last two decades working in the real estate industry and learning everything there is to know about hiring, training, and retaining real estate operations talent. She has also dedicated countless hours to working with rainmakers, lead agents and team leaders to help them scale their business and build a successful team. She and Laura are devoted to reinventing how real estate teams operate. Their proven systems take the accepted chaos out of real estate and turn any agent's business into the well-oiled machine they’ve always dreamt of. We couldn’t be more delighted to announce new programs teaching agents to leverage their time so they can focus on what matters most and what earns them the most, along with a special new program to train real estate assistants to support them. Real estate empires are never built alone. This will help agents with the tools they need to launch their business into the stratosphere. Together we’re here to guide them to leverage, scale, and think like a leader. Choose from any of our programs to get started, and if you’re not sure where to begin, just ask! You won’t just transform your business – you’ll transform your life.